Recipe: CVS Cobb Salad.

While you cant make this dish soley with items from CVS, the main flavoring ingredients are straight from the dreaded drugstore grocery shelve we so often ignore.  This is my late night recommendation for anyone with stuck with a bag of lettuce and an onion after grocery stores are all closed. Believe it or not  this is actually pretty tasty and relatively low fat. I cannot, however, speak for its sodium content.


Groceries: lettuce, red onion, diced tomato, low fat ranch dressing,

CVS: canned chicken breast, handful of finely diced beef jerky (just think bacon bits with less fat) , handful of chipotle cheese chex mix (cheddar cheese chex works too).

If its hard to get over the idea of this salad, the flavor makes it all better.  My dad actually hated chex mix and beef jerky prior to stealing a bowl  of this salad from me. Now I have to hide my damn snax from him…




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